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Self Build books

While we try to be comprehensive in what we cover on the website, we don't (yet!!) cover everything, so here are a few books of further advice for you - or for presents for others.

PLEASE be aware that offer a wide range of Self Build books HOWEVER, a number are US orientated and not suitable for UK self build - we've tried to identify 'UK relevant' books, but advise you to check the reviews etc for particular books before ordering.

Building Your Own Home

Hundreds of thousands of us renovate, convert, extend and improve our homes each year, and one-third of all new detached homes are self-built. If you're looking to build your own property from scratch, or work on your existing home, this is the one and the only book that you really need. "Building Your Own Home" has now been fully updated and expanded by David Snell, acknowledged expert and guru in the field of self-build, and it remains the best book on the subject.

Packed with authoritative advice, charts, diagrams and photographs, this fully illustrated bible contains everything you need to know, from finding and buying a plot of land to explaining planning and building regulations, financing the project, buying materials and choosing the design. In addition, it also gives an insight into the costs and problems encountered by recent self-builders in a varied collection of new case histories.

The Pocket Guide to Building Your Own Home

Everything you need to know about building your own home - in practical handbook format.

Covering everything from budgeting and finance, to evaluating the land and dealing with suppliers this comprehensive guide takes you through the basics to ensure that you are well-equipped to deal with any challenges or problems that may arise.

Fully up-to-date and packed with authoritative advice, this practical handbook is essential reading for everyone from those building their own home, to anyone planning some home improvements.

The Housebuilder's Bible 9th Edition

The Housebuilder's Bible is unique - the first book in its field to mix information and advice with detailed yardstick costings for residential building projects. This new edition has been completely redesigned with new tables and improved illustrations - all in colour for the first time. The author is an experienced house builder and renovator and much of the detail in the book is drawn from trade experience. It's very much an insider's guide and experienced construction professionals have expressed amazement at the amount of detailed information in the book. Yet it's accessible - many readers who have never been involved with building before have used this book to successfully build their own homes.

The eighth edition has been fully revised and updated to reflect recent changes in prices, Building Regulations and other legislation. It also includes an expanded green building section, more information on extensions and a snagging list. It's an ideal companion for anybody, self builder or professional, who wants to know more about building well and on a budget. The Eighth edition is fully updated to include the latest building regulations and an improved and expanded section on green building. An ideal companion for housebuilders and selfbuilders as well as anyone looking to extend or renovate a home.

The New Home Plans Book

A fully revised and updated edition of the self-builders' ultimate design sourcebook. All aspiring builders have their own ideas when it comes to designing their dream home. This book offers the key to realising your dreams. Packed with advice, information and over 350 breathtaking and innovative plans, this fully revised and updated version of The Home Plans Book will help you to incorporate your own ideas to create a perfect home. Taken from a wide cross-section of the major companies within the self-build industry, The New Home Plans Book gathers together all the very best plans and divides them into fourteen main categories for easy reference. Above all, this book is a great source of ideas, so whether you are considering building a cottage or a bungalow, a house with a granny flat or a mansion on a sloping site, The New Home Plans Book seeks to guide you through the choices and help you to select the right plan for your lifestyle and site.

The Self-build Dream: How to Build Your Own Home [Illustrated]

What is involved in building your own home? Designed to assist in deciding if self-build is for you, this book provides the answers to the question: What s involved in building your own home? Selfbuild can be as simple as paying someone to do the whole thing or as complex as doing everything yourself or anything inbetween.The choice is yours.

This book explains in plain English what s involved and helps you to decide if it s for you and if so, what s the right way forward. Subjects covered include:

  • Finance options
  • How to find land to build on
  • What s involved in getting planning permission
  • How to decide what size and style to build
  • Choosing someone to create the design
  • The pros and cons of each building method
  • Whether to employ a builder or employ individuals and a project manager... or even do it yourself!

Hundreds of colour pictures help make this a must-have book for anyone interested in building a home..

How to Get Planning Permission

Step-by-step guide to the planning process.

Now in its fourth editionand fully updated. Ideal for planning permission for conversions,extensions, improvements and newbuilds.


  • How to dramaticallyimprove your chance of success
  • How to make the application
  • How toovercome objects and refusals
  • How to make an appeal if you've alreadybeen turned down

Includes process flow chart Fully illustrated withexamples of forms and letters Jargon free and easy to follow


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