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Self Build - Grand Design DVD's

DVD's of the Grand Design series of television programmes.

Please note that as well as purchasing these DVDs, they are also available for hire.

Grand Designs - Series 3

Kevin McCloud follows six couples in pursuit of their dream home. Whether it's creating a post-modern cube from scratch in the Cambridgeshire countryside, converting a brand new house into a Medieval cottage, or building a house underground in the Cumbrian earth, Kevin is on hand to pore over the plans and lend support. With budgets usually pushed beyond their limits and time ticking away, GRAND DESIGNS is a unique opportunity to discover how ambitious design concepts work in practice, and depict the hard realities of making your dream home.

Grand Designs - Series 4

All seven episodes from the fourth season of the Channel 4 series presented by Kevin McCloud, which follows people as they undertake the arduous and expensive process of building their own dream home. Houses featured include: a Manhattan loft-style conversion, a 19th century stone house in Edinburgh, a Bauhaus inspired white cube in Hastings, a wooden framed house in Dorset, a modern curved house in Clapham, a German Huf Haus in Walton and a wooden, sea-view house in Glasgow.

Grand Designs - Series 5 vol 1

All seven episodes from the fifth season of the Channel 4 series presented by Kevin McCloud, which follows people as they undertake the arduous and expensive process of building their own dream home. This series chronicles the development of seven very different projects: a family home in Kent built out of Finnish logs, a 21st-century version of a Roman villa in Belfast, the renovation of a 16th-century farmhouse in Gloucester, a home in Peckham, South London complete with sliding glass roof, a round house by the sea in Devon, an eco-house in Carmarthen and a Miami-style beach house in Devon.

Grand Designs - Series 5 vol 2

Kevin McCloud revisits four projects featured in previous series of the Channel 4 house design and construction programme: a 19th-century sandstone house in Edinburgh, a terrace conversion in Hackney, London, The Violin Factory at Waterloo and The Woodsman's Cottage in Sussex.

Grand Designs - Series 5 vol 3

Presenter Kevin McCloud returns with the third volume from the fifth season of the Channel 4 series, which follows people as they undertake the arduous and expensive process of building their own dream home.

Grand Designs - Series 6

This 6th series of Grand Designs follows the stories of six ambitious couples pursuing their architectural dreams. Designer and writer Kevin McCloud witnesses the structural, financial and emotional journey of each build over many months as the plans unfold into buildings with their own unique stories and designs. This series features an enormous ultra modern house that has to blend into the Midlothian countryside, a space age minimalist white cube in Bristol and in Monmouth a couple set about the design and build of an 'Addams family' Gothic styled dream house. The only thing that each of the six featured constructions have in common is that they are new builds and started life as a blank canvas. Episodes include: Cheltenham: underground house, Bristol: sugarcube house, Monmouth: gothic house, Maidstone: futuristic bungalow, Midlothian: lime kiln house, Bath: pre-fabricated modernist family home.

Grand Designs - Series 8

In the eighth series of Grand Designs, Kevin McCloud is once again amazed by the ingenuity and determination of the families who set out to build their dream homes.

From an enormous loft-style apartment hidden underground in the middle of a field to a prototype factory-made kit house built in just four weeks, this series features more extraordinary builds where people risk everything.

Including eight unique and extraordinary builds.

Episodes include: Isle Of Wight: the tree house, The Cotswolds: the stealth house, Woodbridge: the modest home, Stowmarket: the Tudor guildhall, Ipswich: the radian house, Lizard Peninsula: the Scandinavian house, West Cumbria: the adaptahaus, Lake District: the dome house.

Grand Designs - Series 9

Series Nine of the landmark Grand Designs presents a whole new level of ingenuity, ambition and architectural wonder.

Expertly guided by the erudite Kevin McCloud, this series takes you on seven extra-ordinary builds…from the re-birthing of a dilapidated mill complex into a sustainable and dynamic dream home... the conversion of a crumbling boathouse on a pier... to the re-interpretation of a heritage listed barn into a contemporary museum-like home.