Changing an electric light ceiling rose

(See this page for the 2004 changes in cable colours)

Safety: Ensure that the mains electricity to the light is completely isolated before starting the work.

If you doubt your ability to undertake this work, seek assistance.

  1. electric light ceiling roseUnscrew the existing ceiling rose cover (normally anti-clockwise when looking up).

  2. Removing ceiling roseNote how the electric wires are connected. Unscrew the terminals holding the down flex and remove it.

  3. Unscrew the terminals holding the electric cable and disconnect the individual wires. Carefully straighten the wires.

  4. ceiling lighting cableUnscrew the ceiling rose fitting from the ceiling and guide it down to clear the power cable.

  5. Check the pitch of the mounting holes in the new rose against those in the old rose, if it is significantly different, you may need to rotate the new rose to avoid the existing holes.

  6. If necessary, carefully knock out the appropriate cable hole in the back of the new rose (these are normally areas which have thinner plastic than the rest of the rose).

  7. Fitting new lighting ceiling roseCut back or renew the power cable through the ceiling if the ends or complete cable is in poor condition. Older installations may not have had the earth wire connected to the rose, should this be the case, cut the cable back so that the earth wire can be connected to the new fitting.

  8. Thread the new rose over the power cable and secure it to the ceiling making sure that the cable is not trapped - with the rose flat against the mounting surface, the cable should be free to move through the rose/ceiling.

  9. Bend the electric wires from the power cable and connect them to the terminals in the rose. Ensure that the earth cable is connected and use a piece of earth sleeving to cover it.

  10. Fitting light fittingIt is easier to connect the down flex to the light fitting before connecting the flex to the new rose on the ceiling. Unless the original down flex and lamp holder are relatively new, they should be discarded and new items used.

  11. Strip back as necessary one end of the down flex and connect it to the light fitting, the end of the outer covering should be within the back of the fitting when it is finally secured. Make sure that the individual wires are wrapped around the staining lugs on the light fitting - these prevent the weight of the lamp being taking just by just the screw terminations.

  12. Securing the back of the fttingFit and secure the back of the lighting fitment.

  13. Wiring the ceiling fittingThread the down flex through the rose cover and secure the wires to the new ceiling rose as appropriate (Blue to Black, Brown to Red, normally the down flex does not include an earth wire).

  14. Push the lighting rose cover up the down flex and screw it onto the ceiling fixing.

  15. Fit the lamp shade and lamp. Reconnect the mains electricity.

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