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diydata's Charity

Practical Action

(formally the Intermediate Technology Development Group)

diydata is based upon the principal that most people can do most things.

In the First World this is fairly easy, we have access to diy books, diy centres (with everything we need) and the Internet with sites like to provide practical advice. However in the Third World things are not so easy and the appropriate technology for making life easier is not that of the first world.

In the nineteen seventies Dr. E.F. Schumacher's book 'Small is Beautiful' developed the ideas of 'appropriate' technologies and his philosophy resulted in the creation of the Intermediate Technology Development Group (ITDG) charity to develop practical technology to be used for the benefit of all. In 2005 ITDG was renamed as Practical Action - a new name for the same original idea of helping the Third World to help themselves.

Check out the web site of Practical Action ( and support them in anyway you can; we are all very privileged to live in the First World where diy, and life in general, is so easy.

Practical Action