8 Low cost ways to be more energy efficient

  1. Fit reflective foil behind radiators fitted on outside walls to reduce heat loss and save energy.

  2. Fit draught excluders to outside doors, inside doors, letter boxes, loft hatch, key holes.

  3. Lag hot water pipes to stop heat escaping - especially important for pipes in the loft and under the ground floor floorboards (the latter are often overlooked).

  4. Insulate any hot water tank with a jacket at least 3 inches (75mm) thick (modern hot water tanks are manufactured with highly efficient foam jackets).

  5. Check the lost insulation, current regulations specify at least 8 inches (200mm) of fibre glass insulation, if the loft doesn't meet this requirement, add some more insulation material.

  6. Fit energy efficient light bulbs - they cost more than ordinary light bulbs but use less than a quarter the energy and last approximately ten times as long - overall, giving a good saving.

  7. Fix any dripping tap. In one day a dripping hot water tap (in a storage tank system) can use enough water to fill a bath - and that's EVERY day !

  8. Use heavy lined curtains on all windows, make sure that the curtain does not cover any radiator under the window as this will deflect heat out of the room and through the windows.