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Granite worktops for kitchens

Granite worktops for kitchens are often thought to be very expensive, and, of course, sometimes they are. That is one of the attraction of granite worktops in a world where people tend to think that you get what you pay for - BUT most of the expense associated with these worktops is cutting them to the templates to meet individual requirements. However, these days, kitchens in most homes are fairly standard and template free worktops are now a great deal cheaper than a lot of people imagine.

Granite colours

The large selection of granites available give a variety of worktop colours and appearances, ranging from deep charcoal greys with silvery flecks to soft veined terracotta, see the selection below. The range of colours and textures allows a choice which will blend and compliment most decor.

Granite is versatile, cut-outs can be made for hobs, sinks, drainers and basins to suit your kitchen design. Belfast and French porcelain sinks perfectly suit these worktops to produce a traditional look, with bridge mixer taps providing the final touch.

Midnight granite for worktops
Black Galaxy
Black Galaxy
Blue Pearl
Blue Pearl
Emerald Pearl
Milan granite
Baltic Brown
Baltic Brown
White Pearl
White Pearl

Granite provide the ultimate statement in modern life-style and kitchen design.

By just using granite, as a kitchen island, a breakfast bar, or a piece of free-standing furniture, your kitchen design is given the finishing touch. The granite gives both beauty and style that will be appreciated for a long time. Worktops are subjected to the most punishment in a kitchen and granite gives the most durable and easily maintainable surface.

Granite worktops have the advantage that they are waterproof, stain-resistant and they are almost impossible to scratch, retaining their diamond-polished looks for years. Hot pans, spills and everyday activities in kitchens won't cause any damage to them and cleaning them just needs a damp cloth, making maintaining hygiene a very simple task.

As well as the kitchen

Using granite need not be limited to just the kitchen, the following are all areas of a home where it could be used:

  • Bathroom vanity tops,
  • Showers,
  • Table tops,
  • Free-standing furniture,
  • Radiator top covers,
  • Floor tile inlays

Granite will add a sense of luxury to a bathroom design. Granite is unbeatable regarding hygiene, durability and ease to look after, these all adds up to making granite a practical option for bathrooms.

Granite can be used in a space in a way that ceramic tiling or other finishes cannot as it is surprisingly versatile and can be tailored to suit almost any bathroom design.

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