Points to consider when redesigning a Bathroom

Redesigning bathrooms may not be rocket science but there are certainly quite a few things to think about.

For instance, which bathroom suites would work best in the space you have? What colours are you using?

Do you want white bathroom furniture to match the colour of your room or do you want something else?

Having a good idea of what’s involved in redesigning a bathroom will help you make the right choices for your room, so read on to find out more.


The plumbing is one of the most important aspects of your bathroom, as you need to know that whatever suite you choose can be accommodated.

Sometimes, it’s possible to alter your plumbing to accommodate your new suite but other times, you might not be able to change very much at all.

If you’re thinking of completely renovating your bathroom, it’s a good idea to speak to a plumber about the possibilities first.

Who’ll be using it

You also need to think about the people who’ll be using your bathroom when designing it.

For instance, if you are living with small children or older people then there might be issues of accessibility to consider.

Also think about things such as how many people will need to use the bathroom.

Do you need two sinks or will one be enough for your needs?


The space you have available in your bathroom is another important thing to think about.

Large bathroom suites work well in a big room, but if you only have a limited space available, a corner bath might be the most practical option for you.

Combining the bath and shower into one can also be a good space-saving option.


All bathrooms need storage and so it’s worth thinking about bathroom furniture when you’re redesigning the room.

A bathroom cabinet or cupboard is always a good addition, especially as many of them feature mirrors on their doors, which helps take care of another bathroom necessity.

You might also decide that you’d like to have a towel rack or even a built-in sink unit to provide even more storage space.


Privacy should also play a part in your bathroom design. Some people choose to keep their toilet separate to the rest of the bathroom, for example, while others have frosted glass on their shower door to add privacy. Thinking about your own preferences and the preferences of the other people who’ll be using the bathroom should help you here.


Also, what atmosphere are you hoping to create in the bathroom? Do you want a clean, minimalist feel, or are you after something more luxurious? While it’s usually a good idea to keep the design of your bathroom suite relatively simple, you also need to consider the rest of the decoration in your design. What colours do you want to paint the walls? What other accessories will you include to create the atmosphere you want?


Considering the lighting as part of your bathroom design can also be helpful. For example, as well as lights in the ceiling, you could choose to have spotlights above a shaving mirror to provide extra visibility.


Finally, think about the flooring you’d like to have in your bathroom. Carpet isn’t always the best option, but wood or laminate flooring are both relatively easy to clean and so suitable for the vast majority of bathrooms. There are also lots of options available if you go for wood or laminate, so you’ll have plenty to choose from.