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Hand basin waste

Basin wasteA traditional ceramic basin waste is shown to the right.

To save working in confined areas, it is usually a good idea to fit the waste fittings (excluding the trap) before the hand basin is fitted into position.

To fit the basin outlet, spread a thick coating of plumbers sealant (Plumbers Mate or similar) under the rim of the outlet before passing it through the outlet of the basin, make sure that it is aligned so that a slot in the outlet faces the back of the basin to coincide with the inbuilt overflow channel of the basin.

Fit the rubber seal, and the metal washer if supplied.

Before fitting the large nut, apply Plumbers Mate to the screw thread on the outlet. Fit the nut so that it traps the Plumbers Mate in the thread and tighten.

After the washers and locknut have been fitted, and the nut tightened using a spanner or stilsons, clean off any excess sealant from around the basin outlet inside the basin.

The waste water trap is simply screwed onto the base of the basin outlet. A bottle trap is shown in the illustration and, is generally, the most appropriate type to fit, however 'P' or 'S' traps can be fitted if they are more suitable for the space available and the pipe runs required.

Fitting chain to basinWhere there is a hole in the basin (normally next to the overflow aperture) to take the fixing for the plug chain, the fixing is simply inserted from the front and secured using the washer(s) and nut supplied at the back - as left.

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