Replacing a washer on a supatap


The water supply to a supatap does not need to be turned off to change a washer because an automatic shut off valve is built into the tap.

To change a washer:

  1. Release the gland nut at the top of the tap, Hold the nut and turn on the tap, The water will flow until it is cut off as the automatic shut off valve comes into operation. Keep turning the tap until the nozzle comes free.
  2. Push a small screwdriver (or similar) through the nozzle to push out the combined washer/anti-splash device.
  3. If the supatap has been leaking water from the top of the gland nut, replace the 'O' ring shown in the above diagram.
  4. Replace the washer, clean the anti-splash device and replace these in the nozzle.
  5. Reassemble of the nozzle to the tap is the dismantling procedure. Remember that as the nozzle is turned up the tap, the automatic shut-off valve will be lifted and water will start to flow.