Plastic pipe and push-on plumbing fittings.

For some time the DIY enthusiast has been using the traditional copper plumbing fittings, either the solder or compression type.

Both are tried and tested methods of joining copper pipe. For many years now, the trade has been using plastic pipe and push fit fittings, for ease and speed of installation.

There are various manufacturers of push fit fittings. The fittings themselves can be split into two types, plastic and copper. Both fittings can be used on hot and cold water services and central heating systems.

Straight push on plastic plumbing connector Straight push on copper fitting for plastc plumbing
Elbow push on plastic connector Elbow push on copper fitting for plastc plumbing
Equal Tee push on plastic connector Equal Tee push on copper fitting for plastc plumbing
Plastic pipe insert Copper pipe insert for plastic plumbing

Both systems are based on the same principles. The pipe is cut, deburred and an insert is put into the end. This ensures that the cut pipe has not been distorted and that a true connection is made when the pipe is inserted into the fitting. The plastic pipe inserts also have an "O" ring to provide excellent sealing security. The pipe is then pushed into the fitting and a combination of steel grip ring and "O" ring give a secure and leak proof fitting. Generally manufacturers provide clear and simple instructions which the first time user are advised to consult.

Cutaway copper push on plumbing connector

Cutaway plactic plumbing connector

Plastic pipe and push fit fittings offer many benefits:

  • Plastic pipe can be run in the same way as electrical cable due to its flexibility which reduces the number of joints required;
  • Reduced installation times;
  • No risk of fire or flames from a blowtorch;
  • Leakproof and tamper resistant connection yet still demountable;
  • Connections in confined spaces are made simpler without the need for tools;
  • Can be connected to existing copper pipe network.

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