Cladding with plasterboard

The plasterboard should be cut 13mm (1/2 inch) shorter than the floor to ceiling height, taking account of any variations which should have become apparent when fitting the studs.

The spacing of the studs and noggins should ensure that every edge of the plasterboard is supported on the framework.

Plasterboard is easily cut by scoring firmly with a craft knife on one side (use a straightedge), and bending back along the cut. Then cut the paper backing to separate the two pieces.

Gently sanded the cut paper edges to remove any burrs. Holes can be cut in the board using a pad saw, but this is often easier to do after the board Is fitted in position.

Using a 'door lifter wedge' to support the plaster board during fixing can make the job easier.

A simple door lifter wedge can be made from a triangular piece of timber about 150mm (6in) long and 50mm (2in) high.

This can be used as a lever under the plasterboard sheet to push it into position, the wedge can be held in place using foot pressure leaving both hands free to nail the sheet in place.

Before nailing the plasterboard in place - make sure that the plasterboard Is the right way around!

Offer up the plasterboard to the framework, and hold it firmly up against the ceiling using a door lifter. Check that the edges are centred over the studs, and fix it in position using galvanised nails.

The nails should be no closer than 12mm (1/2 in) to the edge of the board. Drive the nails in until the head of the nail just dimples the surface of the board without fracturing the paper liner.

Space the nails 100mm (4 inch) along the edges of the plasterboard and 150mm (6 inch) along the studs and noggins behind the sheet.

Each sheet should be butted against each other.

Complete the cladding on one side of the framework before starting on the other side.

Finally apply jointing tape (aka Plasterer's scrim) over the joints and nail heads - this does not add any strength to the wall but gives a suitable surface for application of a final, thin coating of plaster.