Finishing a stud partition

Once the plasterboard has been fitted and the surface plastered, the door/window frames and skirting board can be fitted.

around the doorThe studs and noggin around the doorway need to be covered with planned timber.

The main frame should be 25mm (1 in) thick and wide enough to cover the studs and the edges of the plasterboard.

For a hinged door, architrave is then fitted around the frame on both sides and the door hung.

The door stop is added after the door has been hung.

For windows/light the same form of finishing as used for the doorway is appropriate.

skirtingSkirting board timber should be cut as required and secured along the bottom of each side of the partition, nail through the skirting into the bottom of each stud or the sole plate.

The surface can now be decorated just like any other wall, by painting or wallpapering.