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Garden Design - Books & CDs.

While we try to be comprehensive in what we cover on the website, we don't (yet!!) cover everything, so here are a few books of further advice for you - or for presents for others.

RHS Encyclopedia of Garden Design

Plant the garden of your dreams and transform your outdoor space with award-winning Royal Horticultural Society garden design experts.

Whether you're looking to revive a tired flowerbed or simply looking for new garden ideas, the RHS Encyclopedia of Garden Design will show you how to make your ideal garden a reality. Grasp the fundamentals of garden design, find a style that suits you, and bring your ideas to life.

This design bible is packed with advice to guide you from planning to planting. From preparation such as choosing the correct materials for your structures and assessing your drainage, to laying patios, making ponds, and planting perennials, the RHS Encyclopedia of Garden Design is with you every step of the way.

Alan Titchmarsh How to Garden: Garden Design

Covers everything from the initial planning of your garden on paper to how to make your design a reality with planting, laying and construction guides. This single book will tell you everything you could need to know to achieve your ideal garden.


  • how to assess your site, create a style and source materials
  • advice on planting schemes and achieving year-round interest
  • tips on working with design principles such as scale, proportion and balance
  • simple instructions for hard landscaping
Interactive 3,000 Plant Selector, gardening advice and pruning guide encyclopaedia (PC/Mac CD)

This is "Interactive Plant Selector And Pruning Guide CD-ROM". It includes 3,000 plants and over 7,500 photographs. Create beautiful gardens with year round colour and interest with this easy to use, nifty plant resource. Selecting plants to suit your garden requirements and conditions couldn't be easier. Select any combination of colour, month/season, height, aspect, soil condition or name and a selection of suitable plants appears within seconds. It saves hours of searching through books.

It is ideal for all levels from the garden novice to the garden designer.